BigDataCamp @Strata 2013

BigDataCamp is an unconference for users of Hadoop and related Big Data technologies to exchange ideas in a loosely distributed format. Led by CloudCamp's Dave Nielsen, attendees are encouraged to share thoughts in open discussions with community-proposed topics, including Lightning Talks & Unconference Sessions. 

Data engineers, enterprise architects, developers, analysts, data mining and business intelligence professionals are encouraged to attend and mix with other members of the community.

BigDataCamp takes place the night before the O'Reilly's Strata Conference . We invite all attendees and anyone else interested in Big Data to join us for a lively discussion, finger food, and a frosty beverage or two.

Santa Clara Convention Center
5001 Great America Parkway
Grand Ballroom AB
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Schedule: Feb 25, 2013
5:30pm  - Registration, Finger Food & Networking
6:00pm  - Welcome, Thank-you & Introductions - Dave Nielsen
6:15pm - Lightning Talks - 5 minutes each

  • "Elephant in the Cloud: How-to optimize Hadoop in the cloud" by Sadiq Shaik of Qubole
  • "Making Impossible Use Cases Possible: Pluggable Sort in Hadoop" by Keith Kohl of Syncsort
  • "Big Data for Entrepreneurs and Investors" by Bruno Aziza of SiSense
  • "Monetizing Math: Algorithms as a Product" by Andy Bartley of

7:15pm  - Organize Unconference

  • "Comparing Big Data Solutions" by Renat Khasanshyn of Altoros
  • "Big Data on any Cloud" led by Nati Shalom of Gigaspaces
  • "In-Memory, Big Data and Hadoop" led by Eldad Farkash of SiSense
  • "Real-time, Big Data" led by Eric Tschetter of Metamarkets
  • "Agile Data as Big Data Analytics" led by Russell Jurney
  • "Big Gaps in Big Data" led by KRS Murthy

Other Community-led Sessions

7:30pm  - Breakout Sessions - Round 1
8:15pm  - Breakout Sessions - Round 2
9:00pm  - Breakout Sessions - Round 3
9:45pm  - Wrap Up (1 minute summary of each session)
10:00pm  - Drinks?

Organizer & Facilitator: Dave Nielsen of Platform D
Volunteers:- To volunteer, email

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Dave Nielsen

Volunteers:Khanh Hoang - Registration

Tag Cloud (based on topics proposed during registration):

access  alternatives  analysis  analytics  architecture  aws based  batch  best  business  case  cloud  computing  data distributed  exists  file  financial  flume  full  future  getting  going  graphs hadoop  hdfs  important  language  learning  management map-reduce  mining  models  nlp  nosql  practices  predictive processing  real-time  report  social  solutions  storage structured  system  text  used  visualization  wants  web

Possible Discussion Topics

Directions of Cloud evolution. 
Data Analysis
data storage
survival model
big data visualization  data mining
social network data mining
Combination of skills and roles needed for an effective Big Data operation?
Splunk integrations to Cassandra & Hadoop
Hadoop for Bioinformatics
Machine learning in production
Operations of Hadoop Clusters
Security in the cloud
augmented reality
Machine-learning for finding lost value in big data.
big data machine learning
Evolution of mobile apps in the cloud
Does the mom-and-pop retailer need big data tools?
Big data computer architectures
Big Data for Small People
Machine learning and real world problems.
Choosing the right cloud for your startup?
Scaling R
Scaling and High Availability
data mining
IBM BigData vs Open Source Big Data vs Oracle's vs Jaspersoft Talend vs
text analytics
deep learning
Better business decisions
Applications for real time Sensordata
Big Data for all!
power of communication 
iPad app UX Design
Real time analytics
If the Big Data Camp turns out well, please have another session for a deep dive on more specific cool use cases and the latest and greatest.
Emerging technologies
Data in eCommerce
Machine learning and BigData
Why BigData?
Predictive Analytics
Predictive Analytics
Data Governance
Big Data use cases for mobile
big data analytics
R Graphics for big data
Big Data current landscape  
Data and decisions
Privacy in the Age of Big Data
How does Big Data affect my business?
Data science
Big Data visualization
Hypothesis testing
More details on Big Data
Bigdata impact to Software Defined Networking (SDN)
big data
Analyzing Hive Queries for performance, Scale out Machine learning.
Hadoop overview & trends.
someday, Big Data will be called Data. Someday High Definiton TV will be normal TV
BigData & BI
Big Data Analytics
Enterprise applications of real-time big data
BD Analytics for the non-math major
Capturing and utilizing unstructured data.
Pain points of Big Data Deployment
Teaching analytics to the new genneartion
Big data
Predictive analytics and stochastics
real-time social media analytics
data visualization
Consumer vs Enterprise  use of big data.  
How data can improve your personal lifd
BI/DI with Hadoop
free express session.
Big data ingestion
Real time data analysis
I help companies utilize agile analytics to find opportunities to increase margins.
use big data technology for cookie mapping 
Natural Language and Big Data
Mobile Big Data
Natural language understanding
Tricks for machine learning on large data sets that leverage textual and numerical data.
Recommendations for New Users
Bigger data
Agile Data
Do you have customers in Production with Big Data Analytics projects yet?
Usage cases of HBase 
Big Data
Map Reduce concepts
Big Data Analytics
who are the top 25 big data companies?
Should you think of scaling problems for your database right off the bat?
SQL on Hadoop
Best practices - online marketing optimization
Use cases of big data
Big data analytic fo network traffic
Big Data and Semiconductors
Government Big Data
Anything HDL related.
Predictive Analytics with Big Data 
Wrangling enterprise data - how to cross the streams.
Cassandra vs HBase : use cases
Link of BigData technologies with semantic web infrastructures
Working with large graphs.
Big Data: Moving from hype to practical reality
What does big data enable (predictive analytics etc. does not count)?  What does big data disrupt in the true sense of disruption?
Big Data and your FI systems impact
BigData Analytics - What do we do now?
Why so many Hadoop Distro's?
Unstructured data challenges
How is it being used in the college system 
Continuous analytics on Hadoop
data analytics
Data analysis
Business Intelligence
Related to ETL details
RT Machine Generated Data Analystics
Big data use cases
hadoop examples/demos
Time series data, such as sensors
how to make eventbrite not fill out so many fields.
Big Data Visualization
opensource vs proprietary technologies
haw data
what and how can software engineers get involved.
Big Data
Overview of different Big Data Architectures and techniques.
Best BI tools
SQL vs. noSQL
Industry analysis about how the various companies/technologies interface with each.  
Cloud based big data analysis as a service
Hadoop intro
Natural language technology for Big Data analytics
challenges in hadoop
How does one solve big data problems in the cloud?
Map reduce
Quantitative trading
OpenScience and Government BigData
SWOT analysis of NoSQL and NewSQL databases
Machine Learning
Unstructured data
Big Data
Hadoop YARN
Big data and security
real time analytics
Platform scaling  Continuous delivery
Space elevator big science data
Leverage Fiber Optic Connectivity
Security and Data Privacy
Big Data for Executives.   How to take action on big data.
Data Analytics for Product Insights
What are some of the real world case studies that people have seen?
Big Data infrastructure
Big Data Analytics
big data in web advertising 
Real time data
Real world big data implementation case studies with technical details
Impacts of Big Data Financial Services
1. What are the best cloud solutions for easy and scalable handling of data ? (ie Amazon, Microsoft, Rackspace).  2. What are the current open-source solutions that are in vogue for machine learning, neural networks, and related approaches to data cleansing and information theory ?   
real world deployment examples and use cases, size of deployment.

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